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Server Changes

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The server was recently revamped due to a decision made by the management team. During the revamp we have changed and or added things to the server that we think would benefit the server. The list below is everything that has been changed or added to the server within the month. If you believe that there should be something added to the server, please list it here. Hope you guys enjoy the server as is and have a good day.
List of Changes Made
- New spawn point
- New factions map
- Weekly events
- Reset all donor ranks...​

Server Revamp

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Hello, The Management team has decided that it would be best if the server were to go through a full revamp. What will this mean for you? The server will be whitelisted and only staff will be able to join the server. During this period we will be doing the following: Redoing the server map, resetting all the donor ranks (This means that anyone with a donor rank will no longer have it after the revamp), creating events for everyone to enjoy over the weekend, and more! If you feel as if we could add more to the server that is not listed in this please list it here. Staff applications will be closing in 1-2 weeks depending on how many applicants we receive. If you apply and get accepted you will be whitelisted and be able to assist with the revamp. Please keep in mind that you are not required to help with the revamp, that it would just be appreciated by our developer team and management. If you wish to see...