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Some ideas


Staff member
Okay, first of thanks to anyone that will spend time reading these ideas keep in mind im not saying they should be added its just ideas of mine.

Faction Perks & Updates
Faction War - pretty self explain you type /f war and you can pick 3 faction members to fight other faction with 4 members for a reward.
2. Faction totem - able to place a block that will act as a totem once the totem is destroyed by a enemy via raid all faction claims are breakable.
3. Trowable Ceggs - able to trow creeper eggs that deal 2x tnt dmg there also can be dif types of em for example sand cegg, water cegg, cobweb cegg, lightning cegg and ofc it can be a donor perk.

DP aka Drop-Party - an event that can be run by a staff member everyday at 4 or 6 PM as long theres enough players to participate.
2. Raid Event - a staff member spawns a faction base protected with gen walls all online players can tp and try to raid it the first to get in gets the rewards from chests.
3. Duel System - similar to coin-flip instead you can do /duel random or /duel name which will open a menu that allows you to bet a ? amount of money winner gets all.
4. Anti AFK - reward players for bein active instead of sitting afk.
5. Delivery Guy aka DailyRewards - an npc that you can right click every 24hrs to redeem a reward pretty neat for players that log daily.
6. Double XP / Sell Rate - every weekend 2x sell or xp boost.
7. Treassure Goblin - a boss/mob that will randomly run/move around warzone similar to envoys that upon kill rewards you items.

Some Fixes you can add/do
Envoy is really nice feature that a lot of server use however i think you should enable a specific amount of players required otherwise people can just get tons of spawners which kinda break the economy and the fun of farming.
2. Theres some useless items in the crates that really dont have place inside em as well bugged items like the bosses and ranks.
3. There should be a rule against staff members just randomly tping to a player without even asking unless the staff member is not playing as a normal player.
4. Mob Coins guy never updates with new items which kinda loses the fun of him bein a thing when you alrdy bought everything inside.
5. I've notice theres koth but i never seen it run even once even for a bit.
6. Increase on all farm items sell price in /shop which will eventually stimulate players to make farms and grind to get baltop.
7. Mob Coins has a book that display the % of drop-rate on coins from dif type of spawners however the real % is like 1 to 1mil even if you have 50 spawners of the type that says is 9%.
8. Witch spawners add less ftop value even when they cost 2x as an IG.

Thanks again for reading if i run into more ideas or fixes that can be done I'll make sure to update the thread.