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My Opinion on the server :


New member
I started playing again 2 weeks ago and the most I can see is that there isn't many events and the only stuff we see active is Hai_HowtfRu
We see the 2 staff members "Hitman" and "Marsh" normally at the start and end of the season but apart from that nothing else
I think there should be some koths/outpost's and some stricter staff rules example : an hour on the server per day?
And I see some players but not a lot so perhaps advertisement a bit more? like getting YouTubers and expanding to sites that advertises servers
Heres some more feedback :
When a new season has started, "Hitman" gave loot around but people was a bit late so perhaps an reward giving every hour on the day of release?
Giveaways might be fun too, Like perhaps 20k ING ? Depends on the economy