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  1. Marsh

    Server Changes

    We encourage you guys to give of feedback so please do so. We will listen to what you have to say.
  2. Marsh

    Server Changes

    The server was recently revamped due to a decision made by the management team. During the revamp we have changed and or added things to the server that we think would benefit the server. The list below is everything that has been changed or added to the server within the month. If you believe...
  3. Marsh

    Server Revamp

    Hello, The Management team has decided that it would be best if the server were to go through a full revamp. What will this mean for you? The server will be whitelisted and only staff will be able to join the server. During this period we will be doing the following: Redoing the server map...
  4. Marsh

    DENIED An example of a bad application

    Denied due to lying in your application, lack of detail, trying to lie your way out of getting denied, attempting to bribe for staff, and not meeting the requirements for the server. First of all, Hypixel requires there helpers alone to be at least 16 years old. second of all, you would have way...
  5. Marsh

    ACCEPTED An example of what we are looking for in applications

    Accepted, Please message Marsh#2873 on discord a time in which would be best for you to be interviewed. Thank you.
  6. Marsh

    Application Format

    Minecraft Staff Application Questions -=+=-=+=-=+=-=+=-=+=-=+=-=+=-=+=-=+=-=+=- Please take the application process seriously. Copy this format into a new thread and proceed to answer the questions in order. Be as detailed as you can and answer only the questions asked. If you have been banned...